Ponds and Blossoms

Carol Corey Fine Art, Kent CT, USA 2021

While the natural world plays a profound role in Meyer’s work, he maintains a delicate balance in its portrayal between realism and abstraction. Within that world, water is the subject of inquiry – lakes, ponds, waterfalls, and often the plant life they contain. Both mysterious and revealing, the water’s surface reflects its surroundings and simultaneously offers a glimpse into a realm below. Enigmatic, distorted images of decomposing tree trunks emerge from the depths, while reeds, water lilies and grasses thrive above. These organic forms converge to form a dynamic ecosystem, nature’s cycle of life, death and regeneration.

Meyer’s painting method emulates the properties of water itself; diluted oil paint runs and falls across the canvas, investing the medium with the transparency and ephemeral qualities of watercolor. Meyer’s approach is not to literally depict his subject matter, but to transform its elements, interweaving images into rich, magical, dreamlike environments filled with the perception of water, light and color.