HORIZON, Galerie Andreas Binder, München, Feb. 14 – March 16, 2019

In the exhibition HORIZON Andreas Binder Gallery presents paintings, photo- and video works, sculptures, graphics and paperworks by modern and contemporary artists, which deal with the presentation of the horizon.

The artistic focus on the horizon as a line in the distance, where sky and earth/water seem to touch, makes the infinity of the universe visible in the microcosmic image. At the same time, the exhibited works refer to the elements water, earth and air as foundation of life and thus open up questions about the alienation of man from nature and the threat of nature by humans.

Illustrations of the horizon have a long tradition in Western art history. There is the the Seascape as an own genre or the epoch of Impressionism, which emerged from the attempt to depict moods in nature. All the time in history the horizon has been a symbol for crossing borders and the hope for a better future.

In this sense the exhibition HORIZON draws a line from the Impressionist work of Pissarro to contemporary works. By crossing borders of genres and in both figurative and abstract representations, all exponants refer to the ability of art to make the invisible visible by focussing on the breadth of the horizon.

Figurative paintings, paperworks and photographs form a unity with the strongly reduced, almost abstract works by Julio Rondo, Giovanni Castell and Daniel Knorr. At the same time, the landscape paintings by Matthias Meyer, Jan Davidoff, Paul Winstanley and Yigal Ozeri, as well as the graphic and paper works by Gerhard Richter, Tina Berning and Ariamna Contino, show the endlessness and ahistoricity of nature in their subjective views on the horizon. It almost seems, that an age of unlimited possibilities in technology and arts has led to a return to nature as an artistic subject. And so the almost documentary photographic works of the artists Izima Kaoru, Philipp Lachenmann, Dieter Rehm and Stefan Hunstein can be seen as a reaction to the skepticism regarding the manipulability of the image by returning to the elements of nature as the basis of everything perceptible.

The dissolution of the dichotomy of art and nature in the face of the pollution of earth, water and sky then becomes visible in HORIZON, where the exhibition space can be seen as an expression of the desire to live in unity with nature as the only constant of human existence (Text: Leni Senger)

Group show with Gerhard Richter, Paul Winstanley, Matthias Meyer, Yigal Ozeri, Giovanni Castell, Ariamna Contino, Julian Opie, Philipp Lachenmann, Stefan Hunstein, Jan Davidoff, Izima Kaoru, Julio Rondo, Tina Berning, Daniel Knorr, Adam Mysock and Dieter Rehm

Opening: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 | 7 pm
Exhibition: February 14 – March 16, 2019

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